No longer do you need to shout into the crowd and hope your audience hears. Email your message to the right people the first time.
Reaching your customers has never been easier. Now you can email your message to active real estate agents, current homeowners or even apartment renters anywhere in the country in just a few minutes.

First, Target where you want the email sent using one of our nifty mapping wizards; then, pick your audience(s) and further refine your list; upload your own flyer or use one of our colorful templates; schedule your email and give us some billing info. It's so easy an adult can do it!
It's easy. It's effective. And it's very affordable. Prices start from just $49.95 and our sliding scale makes adding additional names cost just pennies more. You'll never find a more economical way to touch your potential customers—less than direct mail, cheaper than newspapers or magazines. We've sent over 10,000 emails since we started and our customers continue to use us over and over again.
Tweet this: While social media dominates the headlines, the online marketing tactic that works best is email. Our double-opt-in lists have been purged, merged, scrubbed and verified so that we have the cleanest addresses available anywhere and they are constantly being updated. And that means better deliverability for your flyer. We've been "whitelisted" with all the major ISP's so they know that when we send an email it is not considered spam and it will be delivered. After you've sent your email, you can check out how it performed with our analytics.