Why It Works

So Much For So Little

No contracts. No membership fees. Pick your prospects from our lists of Realtors, Renters or Current Homeowners and we will blast your flyer out. Let us lower your marketing budget while increasing your sales. And everything is included.

Deliverability Assured

At EmailFlyersOnTarget we utilize the latest in email delivery engineering. We have automated software in place that monitors all of our computers and our "Smart-Send" technology splits our emails across numerous email servers and then deploys with short pauses between each to help insure deliverability. We are constantly updating our software and refining our delivery techniques to assure that your email will be delivered.

We take great pride in the quality of our email lists. All our names are double-opt-in and have been "scrubbed" and tested. The resulting list is 100% Opt-In, and it is constantly updated. We have been Whitelisted on all major ISP's and we continually monitor for problems.

We want your flyers to reach as many active email addresses as possible. We deliver!


Clear Trackable Results

We track and record all the pertinent data on each email you send—how many were sent, delivered and even opened. These analytics are accessible for you to see and the report is available in real- time.