Where do you get your e-mail lists?
Our real estate agent lists are compiled from a variety of public sources like, MLS's, Real Estate Associations, high quality list brokers and other opt-in mechanisms. Our renter and homeowner database is subscription based. We are affiliated with over 875 Internet sites that survey millions of consumers about their demographics and interests. The resulting list is 100% Opt-In, and it is constantly updated.
How accurate are your lists?
Our lists are cleaned daily and are 98% accurate. We have automated software in place that monitors all of our email servers for bounces and breaks the bounces up into categories. We then remove bounces based on category. For example a hard bounce is an email address that is no longer valid or doesn't exist and we remove these after 1 bounce. A soft bounce is a bounce that may have rejected emails from our servers due to bulk email filters or spam filters and we remove soft bounces after they bounce 3 or more times. Yes, this may make our list counts a little lower then some of our competitors but we believe in quality rather then quantity. We want your flyers to reach as many active email addresses as possible rather then sent to email addresses that won't receive them due to invalid email addresses or strict bulk email filters.
Do I have to sign a contract to use EmailFlyersOnTarget?
Absolutely not! You are under no obligation to sign a contract or commit to a certain period of time or quantity of eblasts when signing up for EmailFlyersOnTarget.
Do you charge a membership fee or flyer creation fees?
NO - we do not charge any membership fees. It is FREE to create your flyers and we only charge when you e-mail your flyer to any of our lists.
What's the difference between EmailFlyersOnTarget and services such as Constant Contact?
With services such as Constant Contact you must supply your own email list and then they will send it. EmailFlyersOnTarget not only sends your email, but you can choose your recipients from our lists of millions of double opt-in addresses.
How much does it cost?
Cost to email your flyers start at as little as $49.95 and the more you send, the lower the cost. For example you can send 2,500 flyers for under $155; 5,000 for under $175; 25,000 for just under $325. See our pricing page for more details.
What areas do you provide services to and what e-mail lists do you have available?
We cover the entire United States with comprehensive lists of Realtors, Apartment Renters and Current Homeowners.
How do I create a flyer?
It’s easy. We created over 75 colorful templates that you can personalize with your own information, pictures and even website and email address. Take a look at this.
Can I use my own design rather then using one of your pre-designed templates?
Absolutely! You can upload your own design. Just follow the easy instructions.
What if I am having trouble creating my flyer?
Please contact us if you have trouble creating your flyer and our support team will be happy to assist. Just email us at or give us a call at 301/468-7001 (10am-4pm ET)
Is this email considered spam?
We do not send spam! All are lists are opt-in names and we strictly adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.
Is the email sent as an attachment?
No. When we send an email, it immediately pops up on the screen. We do not send email with any attachments.
What are the demographics of the consumer lists?
Renter list:
  • Apartment renter
  • Household income: $50,000+
  • Age: 22-45 years old
  Homeowner List:
  • Household income: $90,000+
  • Age: 22-55 years old
What steps do you take to ensure my email will be delivered?
Our servers record each and every flyer sent, the date/time it was sent, how many emails it was sent to and keeps a log of all email addresses it was sent to. This helps us insure your flyer was sent to all emails in the lists you chose. Our “Smart-Send” technology splits our emails across many email servers and sends with short pauses between each to help insure deliverability.
How do I know if e-mails that I sent out were actually sent and how many were opened?
EmailFlyersOnTarget provides statistics email campaigns and reports the percentage of e-mails that could be confirmed opened per campaign, as well as how many were sent and delivered. Take a peek at our Analytics section.
Is EmailFlyersOnTarget on any blacklists?
Many of our competitors are on blacklists, meaning many of the emails they send out of their system simply do not get through. EmailFlyersOnTarget, in comparison, is NOT on any blacklists as we have built solid relationships and established feedback loops with all the major ISPs. We take spam very seriously and as such have been able to stay off blacklists, making sure your emails arrive every time.
Some of the real estate agents I spoke to did not receive my flyer. Why is this?
There can be many reasons for this. If the Agent previously opted out from any of our flyer announcements or any flyer that another agent sent through our service, then the agent will no longer receive any flyers from us. If the Agent has certain filters or blockers on their email account, they may not receive flyers. Or, we may simply not have the Agents email address in our database because it was not available to us.
Does EmailFlyersOnTarget have bounce back handling and how does it work?
Yes, EmailFlyersOnTarget has full bounce back handling. Many times, a server or email address could go down for a few minutes, causing a message that normally goes through to bounce. If your service then removes that subscriber, you’ve lost a good prospect. To avoid this, we will only remove a subscriber from your list after three bounces have occurred. This system eliminates the false deletions that occur with many of our competitors’ bounce back handling systems.
How long will it take for my email to be delivered?
Your e-mails can be delivered as quickly as a few thousand every hour and you can schedule your email to be sent within 24 hours of approval.
What days are best for sending out my emails?
There is no research, but our experience tells us that sending Realtor email blasts is best Monday thru Thursday; Consumers can be sent any day of the week (if an offer is extended, a few days prior to offer date is often the best time).
Can I schedule my email to go out on a future date?
Absolutely. You can use our calendar feature and pick the date(s) you want to send your flyer.
Can my email be seen in a mobile phone or PDA?
Yes, all the images and text will be available.
Can I upload my own list and send it?
Unfortunately we will not risk our system’s credibility to send another list as we cannot be assured that those names are opt-in and will not endanger our reputation with the ISP’s.
How do I pay? Can I set up a corporate account?
We accept all major credit cards and checks through, a secure website for transactions. If you would like to set up a corporate account and be billed, send us an email at and we will be in touch.
Do you also have direct mail lists?
We do have access to some of the best direct mail lists in the country. Please email us at and let us know what you are looking for.
Are there any email messages that you will not send?
We will not send anything that is illegal nor will we send any pornography. The only other message that we will not send to Realtors is for recruitment (we get too many complaints from major real estate firms and we need to foster good relations as they supply us with lists and allow our emails through their systems).
Is my information secure?
Yes, we do not re-sell or re-use your personal information in any way. Your account information is saved on our secure server and is only used by you for your flyers.